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[SOLVED] Building Qt Mobility 1.1.3 with MinGW not supported

  • Hi,

    I would like to use Qt Mobility 1.1.3 APIs on Windows. If I build Qt Mobility some of the compiler checks fail:

    Checking available Qt
    Checking make
    ... mingw32-make found.

    Start of compile tests
    Checking DirectShow
    ... OK
    Checking WindowsMediaSDK
    ... Not Found
    Checking WindowMediaPlayer
    ... Not Found
    Checking EnhancedVideoRenderer
    ... Not Found
    End of compile tests

    These tests fail because some header files are missing in MinGW (WindowsMediaSDK = wmsdk.h, WindowsMediaPayer = wmp.h, EnhancedVideoRenderer = evr.h)

    I searched for this issue on google and found the following Qt blog entry:


    that describes a similar issue. I installed QtCreator 2.2.0 with MinGW and searched for the missing header files but could not find it in the MinGW directories. Because of the missing header files I get the following error message if I start the player.exe demo:

    bq. The QMediaPlayer object dos not have a valid service.
    Please check the media service plugins are installed.

    So it seems that it is not possible to use QtMobility with MinGW. Is this right or did someone manage to build QtMobility properly with MinGW?

  • It seems to be a MinGW issue because MinGW does not come with the required header files:

    • WindowsMediaSDK = wmsdk.h
    • WindowsMediaPayer = wmp.h
    • EnhancedVideoRenderer = evr.h

    Because the Qt Mobility Multimedia APIs (QtMultimediaKit) are intended as a replacement for Phonon, this is a quite serious problem for all MinGW users. Because MinGW is the default compiler that comes with QtCreator, it is not possible at the moement to build a working QtMobility with the QtCreator that comes with the SDK.

    I raised a bug report here:


  • Only the DirectShow test needs to pass for the plugin to be built, the others are for some additional meta-data functionality (WindowsMediaSDK), or an alternative plugin which isn't normally built (WindowsMediaPlayer, EnhancedVideoRenderer).

    Have you done a 'make install'? The plugin loading code expects to find the plugins in <prefix>\plugins\mediaservices where <prefix> is C:\QtMobility by default, but can be changed with the -prefix option to configure. make install will copy the plugins to that directory.

  • Ok, 'make install' was the solution. I haven't done 'make install' before so I have to admit that this was my fault - sorry. Anyway, thank you very much for your help Andrew - you made my day.

    The QtMultimedia videoplayer has a feature that I really missed in Phonon: setting the playback speed. So it is really great, that QtMobility is working for me now. Thank you trolls ;O)

  • Hi,

    I have some troubles playing mp4 (h264) remote (located on a simple http server or either with samba) videos. This works fine on unbuntu but it fails with directshow on Windows (7).

    The same video plays fine when it's located in a local file.

    Could it be related to any build problem ?


  • I'm facing same problem like you,Uwe Kindler.
    but I'm not getting this "make install" thing.
    would you please help me in this regard. I'm new here and in QT so detail saying will be more helpful for me.

    well i have compiled in following way...
    configure(in qtmobility folder)
    mingw32-make install

    now some Qtmobility example works but multimedia don't work.
    it gives error during build
    ":-1: error: cannot find -lQtMultimediaKit
    :-1: error: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status"
    now what to do?
    THANKS in advance.

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