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QPainterPath set operations deprecated in Qt 4.8

  • From this blog post about Qt 4.8


    It says that QPainterPath set operations are deprecated from now on. So what does this say about set operations on QPolygonF and other similar classes. I read their code and found that they used to use QPainterPath for implementing these methods.

  • If there is no statement about deprecating those, they will likely be changed into not using the painter path anymore, but don't take my word for it.

  • The set operations for QPolygonF and other similar classes are all deprecated too.

  • That's a clear answer :)

  • Thanks @sigrid.

  • @Franzk I was hoping the same.

  • Hrmm, I just noticed these were being deprecated. I'm going to really miss QPainterPath::setElementPositionAt. I use it to warp text to a curve. For example:

    QString text = "Sample string";

    QFont font;
    QFontMetricsF fontMetric(font);

    qreal textWidth = fontMetric.boundingRect(text).width();

    qreal circumfrance = 2PItextRadius;
    qreal textSweepAngle = (360.0 * textWidth) / circumfrance;

    QPainterPath path;
    path.addText(QPoint(0,0), scaledFont, text );

    //warp points around a circle
    for (int i=0; i<path.elementCount(); i++)
    const QPainterPath::Element &e = path.elementAt(i);
    qreal theta = MathTools::correctAngle(-90 + textSweepAnglee.x / textWidth;
    qreal r = textRadius - e.y;
    path.setElementPositionAt(i, r
    cos(theta), r*sin(theta));

    If QPainterPath::setelementPositionAt is going to be removed, won't it be impossible to warp text around a curve in Qt5?

    [EDIT: code formatting, please wrap in @-tags, Volker]

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