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QT Creator Plugin write to "Compile Output" window

  • Hello,

    I am currently developing a project manger plugin for ROS Industrial work spaces. I have added functionality which call ROS specific commands using the QProcess object. I am looking for a way to write the output of the QProcess to the "Compile Output" window. I get the "Compile Output" window object using the plugin manager but when I try to cast the object I am receiving the error below. Is this the correct approach to writing to the "Compile Output" window?

    QObject *ap p= ExtensionSystem::PluginManager::getObjectByClassName(QLatin1String("ProjectExplorer::Internal::CompileOutputWindow"));
    ProjectExplorer::Internal::CompileOutputWindow *capp = qobject_cast<ProjectExplorer::Internal::CompileOutputWindow *>(app);

    .obj/debug-shared/ros_project_plugin.o: In function ProjectExplorer::Internal::CompileOutputWindow* qobject_cast<ProjectExplorer::Internal::CompileOutputWindow*>(QObject*)': /usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qobject.h:522: undefined reference toProjectExplorer::Internal::CompileOutputWindow::staticMetaObject'

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