How to clean ListModel data from a ListView, when model changes?[SOLVED/not an issue]

  • Hi all, I was experimenting further with ListViews and recently found the following:

    • if a ListView has rendered ListModel, changing ListView.model to a new model doesn't "clear" the data from the previous model. Meaning in my example below though new model contains only "Cow" you still see the "Cat".

    Is there a way to clear the view?

    @import QtQuick 1.0

    Item {
    width: 200; height: 250

     ListModel {
         id: myModel
         ListElement { type: "Dog"; age: 8 }
         ListElement { type: "Cat"; age: 5 }
     ListModel {
         id: myModel2
         ListElement { type: "Cow"; age: "3" }
     Component {
         id: myDelegate
         Rectangle {
             id: rect3
             width: 300
             height: 300
             Text { text: type + ", " + age }
             Text {
                 text: "BUTTON"
                 y: 50
                 MouseArea {
                     anchors.fill: parent
                     onClicked: myview.model = myModel2
     ListView {
         id: myview
         anchors.fill: parent
         model: myModel
         delegate: myDelegate


  • I tried your example, it works well for me. When I push the button it changes the model and refresh the view.
    I work with Qt 4.7.1 Linux.

  • It works well. Windows XP machine with Nokia Qt SDK 1.1.

  • Hmm wierd, seems like my laptop is slow or I messed the big code a bit...I will dig a bit further before maring this as SOLVED/not an issue...

    UPD: thanks for your replies! - indeed its my slow PC that caused some graphics glitches...the code works

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