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Set Window start screen

  • Added splash screen into application:

    Loader {
        Window {
        id: splashscreen
        title: "Splash Screen"
        modality: Qt.ApplicationModal
        flags: Qt.SplashScreen
        x: (Screen.width - width) / 2
        y: (Screen.height - height) / 2
        source: "appMainWindow.qml" //Window{...}
        asynchronous: true

    But if there are couple desktops, it's possible situation, when the splash screen appears on one, and the app screen on another.
    I found possibility to set screen in QWindow class, but it's not applicable for using in QML.

  • As not a very good decision I added such code into the loader:

        onLoaded: {
            item.x = splashscreen.x - (item.width - splashscreen.width) / 2
            item.y = splashscreen.y - (item.height - splashscreen.height) / 2

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