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Installer with Language Selection

  • Hello Guys,

    I have some Problems with the QT Installer

    I already done all tutorials but i am a real newbie

    What i need:

    • an installer with a language Selection as first page
    • adding a second (save) path in TargetDirectory

    What i have:

    • an installscript.js (package root)
    • an ControlScript.js (path in config.xml)

    What i tried:

    • function Controller()
      QMessageBox.information("DEBUG", "DEBUG", "DEBUG", QMessageBox.Ok);
      installer.addWizardPage(component, "Start", QInstaller.Introduction);
      QMessageBox.information("TEST", "TEST", "TEST", QMessageBox.Ok);

    the Start.ui i placed in the config path but
    nothing happens and the second MessageBox is never shown - the installer seems to be crashed

    • function Controller()
      Controller.prototype.IntroductionPageCallback = function()
      installer.addWizardPageItem(component ,"lineEdit",QInstaller.TargetDirectory);

    same - nothing happens here installer crashed

    hope you can help me to fix the code - and can someone please tell me how to change the language while the installer is running?

    thanks a lot