QtDesigner reset some attributes of QTableWidget despite saving

  • Hi,
    I make some gui using QtDesigner, and lately I have problem with QTableWidget. I have 4 tables -> each two tables are in QTabWidget tab, because they show the same kind of data according to selecting object.
    So it looks like this, I have:

    QTabWidget tabWid

    • tab1:
      • QTableWidget tableData1;
      • QTabelWidget tableResults1;
    • tab2:
      • QTableWidget tableData2;
      • QTabelWidget tableResults2;

    I setted that in all tables horizontal headers are visible;
    Problem is that when I open again .ui file in QtDesigner (from Visual Studio 2010) - in two tables (tableResult1 and tableResult2) that headers are invisible and setHorizontalHeaderVisible is unchecked. It happens despite of saving .ui file

    I have been using QtDesigner and Visual Studio for a long time and it happens me first time.

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