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    I appreciate the changes made to the forum, and since we're on the topic of reporting bugs ... The chat edit message button doesn't seem to be working. It will load the message in the text edit area, but when submitted the changes are not reflected. This might be a problem with my browser, although the delete button seems to be working just fine.

    Kind regards.

  • Same here (Chrome 48 on x86-64 Linux ). I have to reload the chat window to see the changes.

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    I think those are related to the fact that the chat is being worked to be proper chat rooms, so multiple participant chats will be possible when the next upgrade comes around.
    I'm not too worried about the edit options right now.

  • Seems to work now but might be due to a browser update.

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    Doubtful, as I'm still running Chrome 47, and although a bit buggy/laggy at times it does seem to work.

  • @kshegunov Good to know. What I find is really annoying is that the edit and delete controls come up whenever one hovers over a posting and then the line breaks of that posting change.

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    It's not only you, it makes my life hell if I wanted to copy something I'd written. :D

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