What is the best way to overlay a color mask on a QGraphicsPixmapItem?

  • Hey,

    I have several QGraphicsPixmapItems and sometimes, some of them would need to become gray (for example). How can I do that without reloading each QPixmap? Reloading each QPixmap would be a very costly operation if you have many to handle, so I'd rather avoid this solution.


  • That's a bit off-topic but how about loading two pixmaps but make one invisible until needed. That should be very fast.

  • @Wieland Although this is one solution, I would have to create beforehand a gray QPixmap for every QPixmap I plan to have. That would be very costly. Plus, I intent the mask to be oscillating between dark gray and light gray, so I would have to do that for every nuance of gray, for every QPixmap.

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