Avoid Mouse pointer flicker while taking screenshot of the entire screen

  • hello ,

    I am using the below mentioned method to take screenshot of my screen and as the process is continuous the mouse pointer keeps on flickering, is there any alternative method using which i can take screenshot without causing the mouse pointer to flicker,

    Code snipppet used in our case
    QImage qimg(QGuiApplication::primaryScreen()->grabWindow(QApplication::desktop()->winId()).toImage());

    Please suggest any alternative method if possible

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    Hi and welcome
    Have you checked if the sample
    also flickers with mouse?

  • @mrjj hello, thank you for the link, but i have implemented the given example before, the flickering of mouse pointer is still there,

    This issue occurs on windows OS as i am taking continous screenshots of the desktop

  • Hi @jash156 ,
    Try this,
    QPixmap screenshot;
    screenshot = QPixmap::grabWindow(QApplication::desktop()->winId()) ;

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ni.Sumi I tired the method provided by u as well, the issue occurs due to taking screenshot in milliseconds continuously in a loop, can u suggest something for that

  • Hi @jash156 ,

    usually, QPixmap::grabWindow does not take cursor or some flickering(as per documentation).

    Are you using QgraphicsView or a normal widget like Qdialog /QWidget?
    If possible, could you please share code here. so that its easy to find out.

  • hello @Ni.Sumi ,

    I am just using the method mentioned by you using a QWidget and sending then sending the screenshot in jpg format over network

    and for the code, it is just the first example you gave which i run in a while loop to get continuous screenshot.

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    Hi if you only take picture of you own window, then maybe call
    setCursor( QCursor( Qt::BlankCursor ) );
    to hide it while sending ?

  • From what i know.
    Just paint another mouse pointer

    I think windows OS hides the mouse while taking a capture.
    It is something internal.

    Only option i see is to paint another mouse pointer that Windows will not hide while making the capture call.

    Just make a fast check... keep pressing "imp pant" key and look... it is the same effect.

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