Generic Highlighter in Qt Creator for Bash

  • Hi all,

    I am experimenting with the generic highlighter in Qt Creator, the goal being to use it to edit bash scripts that are part of my project. So far, this works but I would like to customize the highlighting colours.

    I have installed Kate in my system, and under Options > Text Editor > Generic Highlighter I have set "Use fallback location". This is required for other file types I use, e.g. XML files.
    I downloaded a definition file by following these instructions and started to edit. Following issues arised:

    • The downloaded definition file is not used, unless I uncheck the "Use fallback location" option. It therefore seems that the "fallback location" actually takes precedence.

    • The preinstalled definition files in the fallback location contain two definitions for the MIME type "application/x-shellscript": one for Bash, and one for Zsh, but the latter always takes precedence, no matter what values I set under Options > Environment > MIME Types.

    Can anyone provide some advice?
    Thank you in advance!

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