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[solved]No toolchain for MSVC compiler & Debugger

  • Hi guys, I have just installed Qt 4.7.3 with MSVC 2008 libs on notebook. But, when I want to compile default projects (GUI nor console doesn't work), it writes, that there is no toolchain:

    From Build Panel: @:-1: error: Qt Creator needs a tool chain set up to build. Please configure a tool chain in Project mode.@
    From Compile Output panel: @The process "c:\qtsdk\desktop\qt\4.7.3\msvc2008\bin\qmake.exe" exited normally.
    Configuration is faulty, please check the Build Issues view for details.
    Error while building project untitled (target: Desktop)
    When executing build step 'Make'@

    What I have to do to work it?

    Which one debugger do I need?

    Platform: Windows 7 Professional 32b

  • If you don't already have a toolchain set up you have to do so under Tools->Options->Tool Chains. If you do then you can just use that tool chain in the projects settings (Project mode).

  • I can't! There is just recognized MSVC 2010 (from MS Visual C++ 2010), which has no libs.

  • Have you tried adding it manually? What compiler do you want to use? MSVC2010 or do you have MSVC2008 installed? Also, look in projects mode whether the toolchain is selected.

  • No I haven't tried manually, because I don't know where to look for it. What a compiler? I have installed with Qt MSVC 2008 libraries (and compiler) so I want to use this one (MSVC 2008) compiler. I have got installed MSVC 2010 too, but with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express.

    There are just MSVC 2010 (amd/x86/x64/ia64), GCCE, Mingw (which works correctly)...

    And what about debugger? Which one I have to use??

  • Let's first try to get it to compile before we get into debugging (you'll have to use cdb for MSVC). To add it manually you'll have to know where you installed the MSVC2008 compiler. I think the easiest for you would be to take the auto-detected MSVC2010 settings, clone them and change the paths so that they point to 2008 instead of 2010.

  • Well, I did as you said but without any result. I set up from Options that toolchain but in project view (window) is no link to any toolchain, so it is no way.
    Well, you don't have direct link to download it?

  • can you post a screenshot of your tool chain list window and the project view? Also what link do you need?

  • Well, here is it:
    ! panel)!

    Well, on XP, the MSVC requires some jom.exe file, but I don't want to set up it every time

    And link to CDB Debugger Installer

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    Do you have a MSVC 2008 installed properly? Note that the Qt SDK does not contain any MSVC compilers or debuggers.

    Can you start the MSVC 2008 command prompt and build something from there? If yes, then "please file a bug report": since it should have been picked up then.

    If you did not install a MSVC 2008 compiler then make sure to get a MSVC 2010 based Qt (or build one yourself). You can not mix and match MSVC versions:-/

    For the debugger you need the Microsoft debugging tools installed. They are available at the microsoft web site somewhere. Again those can not be included in the Qt SDK due to legal reasons.

  • No errors, Tobias, everything was installed correctly. But, at first I installed Visual C++ 2010, and then Qt SDK. Well, I have on computer (with XP) Visual C++ 2008, because I didn't install SP3, there it works fine. Maybe it needs to install Visual C++ 2008 (?), in order to have compiler in notebook. But that is quite useless. I will try it. But why Qt is not released with all supported compilers?

    Yes, I have found it, I wanted to install Windows 7 SDK, but it had some issues, (missing installation files), so I had to install previous version.

  • Yes, after installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0, it works fine.

    So solution is:
    *If you want to compile under MSVC 2008, you have to install it. Please google (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express) and install it.
    Visual C++ 2008 is available (for free, just required account) on: "Microsoft Dreamspark": *

    You should pin it, because it is important :-D

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    The license of the MSVC compilers does not allow for us to distribute those compilers, sorry. Please direct your complaint to Microsoft, they are the only ones that can change this.

  • Really?

  • Are you doubt about Tobias comment? You shouldn't, really :)

  • No, I am not. But why is there option to download and use this libraries without compiler?

    It requires something that's not inside QtSDK and there is no note about that it requires to download Visual C++

  • AFAIK default version of libraries is MinGW. If you want other option then you know what you are doing and know prereqs for it.

  • Yes, I know, but not many people that will know, and if they are greenhorns :)

  • For the record, to anyone facing the same problem: I didn't install Visual Studio 2008 but the Windows Platform SDK, and it works after restarting Qt Creator.

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