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QT 5.5 with openCV

  • Hi, I am new with the qt and I am trying to use openCV with qt 5.5. The thing is while using Cmake, whenever I include WITH_QT I get the following error:

    '' Error in configuration process, project files may be invalid".

    any help ?

  • Is your issue related to build openCV (in this case, I think you should post to openCV forum) or building your Qt application using openCV libs ? AFAI, in the second case, you don't need to build openCV with Qt support as this is only needed for more advanced UI using Qt (Qt4 I think)

  • @Charby Than you for the reply I solved the problem (duw to some path is missing thou.).

  • @Oguzhan-Oguz You are welcome. Don't forget to mark the post as "solved" then. And if possible give more details about the path changes you did to help others in the future ;-)

  • Yes you are right Charby. Well actually Cmake was not able to recognize the path although I have gave them properly. But if one manually executes qtmake.exe file and then includes WITH_QT option in Cmake, Cmake starts to recognize.

    Thanks again!

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