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LINK2019: external symbol link

  • My app is a windows only app. I have to use the keykb_event form user32.lib (Windows.h) which works fine compling Qt 5.4.2 MSVC2013 OpenGl 64bit. Switching to Qt 5.4.2 MSVC2013 64bit. I get the error tachymeter.obj:-1: Fehler: LNK2019: Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol "__imp_VkKeyScanW" in Funktion ""private: void __cdecl Tachymeter::GenerateKey(char *)" (?GenerateKey@Tachymeter@@AEAAXPEAD@Z)". which sure enough is the keykb_event.
    I tried win32:LIBS in pro file did not work. Check all the lib path settings for the different Qt Version settings and could not find anything. Maybe someone has an idea.

  • I am not a windows user, so I am wild guessing here...What we know is that it lacks the definition of GenerateKey method of Tachymeter. Are you sure Tachymeter class is part of user32.lib ? You can check if the function signature is correct. It might also be a precompiled header cache issue, did you already try to clean and rebuild ?

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