build qt creator from sources

  • built qtc from sources. but got a error when I'm starting this:

    Failed to load core: c:\qtc\lib\qtcreator\plugins\Core.dll: Can't load library c:\qtc\lib\qtcreator\plugins\Core.dll: %1 is not valid Win32 application

    Any idea?

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    Hi Amigo
    One thing I wonder.
    Did you build all of Qt also?

    I wonder if there is a mismatch between the compiler
    Creator.exe is build with and the compiler used for the support dlls, like core.dll

  • just used wiki how to build (build of QtCreator only, not Qt SDK as well, used pre-installed full SDK 5.6.0). I'll check memory model for sure 32 vs 64 too

    1. clone the repository (head revision)
    2. qmake -r .... (prepare for a build)
    3. nmake (build using vc)
      so Core.dll was built as well as QtCreator.exe. during the process.
      the only what I did manually - Qt5 dlls copied from my Qt5.6.0 installation to QtCreator bin

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    @amigo421 said:

    Qt5 dlls copied from my Qt5.6.0

    but are those compiled with same compiler as the rest?
    I have had bad results mixing dlls

  • do you mean mingw vs vc?
    or even versions of vc?

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    i know 100% between mingw and VS is a no go, but
    also seen that sometimes versions of VS also is no good.

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