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Convert ITK pointer to Qt pointer

  • Hello,

    I am using Qt with ITK (toolkit for medical image processing). I have created a ITK pointer named filter. This pointer includes the contents (raw data) of an image. Then I want to pass this pointer to a QGraphicsScene *scene, as it seems from the following code:


    But when I debug my project, I get an error which says that addPixmap receives a pointer of type QPixmap. How I could convert the ITK pointer to QPixmap pointer. I think that I must convert filter to QPixmapData, but I do not know how to do this. Could somebody help me?

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  • You need to know details of the format of your image. If you know that it is probably the best to read it directly into one of Qt's supported image objects.

  • So it isn't possible to convert ITK pointer to Qt pointer? And suppoosing that I knew the format of my image, then I should type something like this to display the image?Or I am doing something wrong?

    QImage image(scene->sceneRect().size().toSize(), QImage::Format_RGB32);

    QPainter painter(&image);


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  • Depends on what an ITK pointer is. I doubt that anybody here knows that.

    For the rest: Just try it with a test image. You would get the answer more quickly than waiting for a reply here :-)

    Your code looks a bit weird, though: You call render on a painter but manipulate the scene afterwards.

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