Qt3D vs. matplotlib

  • I'm a newcomer to Qt and I'm still weighing up how to approach data visualisation.
    So I have no experience with the Qt classes discussed above.

    But I would ask (for my own understanding of pros/cons) .. why not use matplotlib.org for such rendering?




    You would need to add Python bindings to Qt.
    So far I have installed PyQt 5.5.1 to extend Qt with python apps.

    The question summarised .. when to use Qt native classes vs. external python classes for data visualisation?

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    I truly thought that I was responding to this question in the "hijacked" thread (see the mesh examples in matplotlib gallery):

    I have code which generates a mesh, i.e., as a N x 3 array of doubles V of the 3D points and another M x 3 array of integers F of the triangles. How can I render this mesh via qt3d (note the mesh is generated and hence not loaded from a file)? As far as I understand I need to create my own QGeometryRenderer, QGeometry, QBuffer, QAttribute.

    So .. pros and cons of Qt3D vs. matplotlib? Where is this discussed?

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