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QPainterPath: strokeStart, strokeEnd

  • I have a QPainterPath composed with arcTo, cubicTo, etc and maybe closed, maybe not. I want to stroke a section say from strokeStart at 0.2 to strokeEnd at 0.7. Can I do this?

  • Something like the following is probably my best option:

    auto start = 0.2f;
    auto end = 0.8f;
    auto resolution = 10;
    auto step = (end - start) / resolution;
    auto width = 8;
    QPainterPath masterPath = QPainterPath();
    masterPath.lineTo(boundingRect().size().width(), boundingRect().size().height());
    painter->strokePath(masterPath, QPen(Qt::black, width));
    QPainterPath shapePath = QPainterPath();
    for (auto i = 0; i < resolution; i ++)
         start += step;
    painter->strokePath(shapePath, QPen(Qt::cyan, width));

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