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Bizarre QWebView conection problem (Qt 4.8)

  • I have a program that uses QWebView to display my website. I am building the code using Qt Creator. The program works just great in debug mode but hangs when trying to connect in release mode. When I try to connect to a website such QWebView will connect in debug mode but not release mode. The bizarre thing is that I can connect to other websites such as in both debug and release mode.

    I tried connecting using both




    and both exhibit this strange behavior. I'm using as my test site so as to eliminate any errors in using my website.

    When running in debug mode the

    void	loadFinished ( bool ok )

    signal is emitted with ok equal to true but when running in release mode the signal is never emitted. In fact no signals are emitted in release mode.

    I'm at a loss on how to proceed. Anyone have any ideas. Right now this is a showstopper.

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    are you using a custom QNetworkAccessManager?
    Do you have OpenSSL support for your Qt version? Because IIRC google automatically redirects to https for it's services.

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