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Load HTML content while receive it

  • Hi guys...

    I'm making a desktop application where I need to show some reports. To do that, I'm using a QWebEngine to load the HTML which I generate with my report content. The problem is that sometimes the html is to long and I want to render the html while I'm generating the html code... Until I know, web browsers render the page while they are loading the content, they don't wait until download the entire content to render it... so, that's what I need to do... Now we wait to build the entire html content, and after that, we pass it to the QWebEngine component to render it, and that process is to slow when we have a huge page...

    how can I do that ?? any advice or example pls


  • I'm not too deep yet into Qt .. I'm still in the very early learning stages .. but if faced with that problem I would search for "render streaming html" .. to get this treatise ..

    Perhaps embedded in QWebView?

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