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Can't use my bugreports account

  • Hello.
    Restoring password doesn't work for my bugreports account (assoicated with different email):
    I didn't get mail with reset link (checked spam folder too). I tried it twice.
    How can I use my bugreports account again?

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    AFAIK, you should now log in with the same credentials you use for your Qt Account.

  • Hi @YuriQ ,
    I'll get you in contact with the admins who can sort your accounts.
    As @SGaist said the login accounts have been unified to Qt Account, and that is used for all the Qt services (bugs, codereview, forums, wiki).

    The unification for bugs was about a week ago, and there should have been several notice mails on the upcoming change.

  • @tekojo @SGaist
    Thank you for response.

    Let me clarify my issue. Looks like I have two different accounts:

    1. This account which is associated with my first email. I can use it for bugreports.
    2. Old bugreports account which is associated with my second email. I can't use it anymore.

    I got "Reminder: important info regarding your Qt Bug Report & Code Review login credentials" mail at 20.01.2016 for my old bugreports account's mail. I didn't read it carefully (my fault) and didn't change email for my old bugreports account. Now I can't log in with my bugreports account and can't restore password too.

    I will use different accounts for forum and bugreports. It is ok. Just let me please use my old bugreports account too.

  • @YuriQ You can access your old bugreports account, if you create a new Qt Account with the same email that you used for the old bugreports account. If you want to have the old bugreports account linked to your current Qt Account, it needs some admin work.

  • @jukka
    I want to have the old bugreports account linked to my current Qt Account.

  • @jukka
    It works :) Thank you very much.

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