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platform indipendent Interprocess-Communication

  • Hi,

    i am looking for a way to communicate between two processes.

    Both processes are Qt-based. I would like to have my Programm to work on Linux and Windows. So the QtDBus-implementation would not work. Also it will take place in a embedded System.
    Also i am able to start one process with QProcess and i already found out that i can comunicate from the QProcess to the "main"-process. (readyReadStandardOutput, readAllStandardOutput). Is it possible to write data (or give signal-Slot-handling) from the main process to the qprocess?

    Or wouldnt this be a great Feature for future qt version?


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    a technique almost every platform supports is sockets.

  • thank you.

    i found the ipc example which use

    #include <qlocalserver.h>
    #include <qlocalsocket.h>

    i will try my luck with these.

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