MainWindow Like Qt Creator

  • I would like to create a desktop application like the qt creator ide with a treeview upon clicking the treeview corresponding window as to be viewed in the right model like qt creator.

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    compose your application using (eventually nested) layouts using a QTreeView and Q TabWidget (for example)
    Listen to the QTreeView's clicked() signal. In the connected slot decide upon the clicked model index which view to open.

    Sorry, but this is a very generic answer to a generic question.

  • Thanks for your kind suggestion I am working on it

  • Some what I have managed to do a stacked widget .In one of my widget I have a qtreeviewwidget and tabwidget arranged in a horizontal splitter layout, on execution my treeview widget width is more than the tab widget .Any idea how to set it I need my tabwidget width should be more than the treeview widget.

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