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Linux (Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Raspbian, ..) doesn't recognize enter-Event for On-Screen-Keyboard

  • Hello all,

    I've a problem with Qt4.8 respectively Qt5.5.1 and the Linux derivatives.

    I've turned on in all Linux derivatives in "Universal Access" under "Typing" the "On Screen Keyboard" and it's option to open the keyboard even if a hardware keyboard is available.

    In the "Onboard Preferences" of the keyboard I've turned on the option "Auto-show when editing text".

    The On-Screen-Keyboard works like a charm with all pre-installed programs like Firefox, Libre Office, Terminal, etc.

    I've downloaded all needed qt packages and built the example program "widgets\widgets\lineedits".

    But when focusing/entering a lineedit or another editable component of the Qt example program the On-Screen-Keyboard won't open.

    Is this a normal behaviour of Qt, because it's not that powerful or do I have to turn on special flags for the editable components to achieve this behaviour?

    Kind regards,