Using a singleton without importing it?

  • Hi all,

    I want to create a QML singleton with some properties in it (for example some colors to reuse). I'd like that singleton to be usable both when launching my QML application with qmlscene and from C++ (through a QApplication and QQmlApplicationEngine).

    The only way I've found was to create a qmldir beside my Main.qml and MySingleton.qml with singleton MySingleton 0.1 MySingleton.qml in it and importing it using import "." in Main.qml.

    Is there a way to prevent having to import "." wherever I want to use my singleton? I find that import statement confusing as it's not explicit that I'm importing the current directory to get access to the singleton.

    Normally, I can create a component, say MyComponent and save it to MyComponent.qml. I can then automatically use this component in other qml files through its filename (without extension). Why can't I do this with the singleton?


  • I believe the import "." requirement is a bug that's in the bug database.

  • Just for completeness, the bug is this one:

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