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Qt 5.5 commercial license available at discount price

  • I have an authentic Qt 5.5 commercial developer license with at least one year of support/maintenance that I am willing to sell at a price much lower than the current offering price from the Qt Company.
    The Qt Company allows commercial qt licenses to be bought/sold in the secondary market. Whoever owns the license is an authentic license holder recognized by the Qt Company. It's the same as buying it directly from the Qt company, except I'm willing to make it available for a lower cost. Only a form needs to be filled with the Qt Company for the new owner to be registered and officially recognized as the license holder.

  • @ace256024
    Please stop this behavior.

    The Qt license explicitly states in paragraph 5.2.1 that the license is non-transferable.
    Trying to sell the license is not permitted, and I will ban any user who tries to do so.

  • I sent you a chat message explaining the facts about this matter.

  • @ace256024 thank you, I appreciate that. I did not have the background on the matter, and only see the public side of it.
    And as it is a matter of a license agreement, I need to look after that.

    I'll ask on the background and get back to you.

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