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[Merged] Problems with QScript

  • Hi guys,
    It's all the day that I'm trying to make this code working. It should be the same code presented in the QScript "help page": but unfortunately it doesn't work at all!

    @class Person
    QString nm;



    Person(QString& name)



    QScriptValue Person_ctor(QScriptContext* c,QScriptEngine* e)
    QString x = c->argument(0).toString();
    return e->toScriptValue(Person(x));

    QScriptValue Person_prototype_toString(QScriptContext* c,QScriptEngine* e)
    Person* per = qscriptvalue_cast<Person*>(c->thisObject());
    return e->undefinedValue();

    QScriptValue per_ctr = eng->newFunction(Person_ctor);"prototype").setProperty("toString",eng->newFunction(Person_prototype_toString));"prototype").setProperty("myPrint",eng->newFunction(Person_prototype_toString));

    If I try to evaluate the following code in JavaScript

    @var p = new Person("Guido");

    I should obtain:


    instead what I really obtain is a white string from the toString function (probabily is calling the Object.toString function) and a "Interpreter Error: line 2: TypeError: Result of expression 'p.myPrint' [undefined] is not a function." error message from myPrint. I suppose that I didn't connect correctly the two functions to the Person prototype even if I tried to follow litteraly the documentation pages...PLEASE Could someone explains me what is my fault?!? Thanks!

  • If I try to check the presence of the property myPrint from the C++ side with"prototype").property("myPrint").call();@

    the function is called (even if it clearly crashes because it's not called on a valid object). But this means that at least in the c++ side of the application the myPrint function exists in the Person's prototype. I cannot say the same thing in the JavaScript side when i get an Interpreter Error: line 2: TypeError: Result of expression 'v.myPrint' [undefined] is not a function.

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