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[SOLVED] Deploy a portable application on Ubuntu

  • I've compiled my Qt 5 application on Ubuntu, now i want to distribute that application, but instead expect my users performs installation i want they just download extract and run the app.
    I tried to share the so files of my Qt 5.5.1 on another Ubuntu machine but my application only shows 5.4 as Qt version. I tried also put QMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,-rpath,"'$$ORIGIN'" and call chrpath -r $ORIGIN Test with no result, the application still using 5.4 instead 5.5.

    My question is: How to properly distribute my Qt 5.5.1 application to Ubuntu machines with the appropriate dependencies but without Qt development files (Qt Creator) installed?

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    Hi @antonyprojr , see this blog post for details on how to set rpath correctly:

  • @JKSH Thanks, this link solved my problem.

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