QThreadPool , QRunnable and objects that need to be created in main thread

  • Hi everyone. I'm struggling for a few hours to fix a problem I'm currently facing.
    The problem started with the impossibility to create QWebPage in a separate thread other than main thread(GUI thread): "QWebPage in a different thread":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/6425
    Looking further into the problem I realize that QWebPage has some QWidget dependencies so.. I said ok I can't create this in a separate thread.

    My application is using a QThreadPool with 10 threads. For every thread I need to create a QWebPage object and loads some html pages.

    Solutions I can think of:

    1. create all QWebPage objects in main thread and use singal/slot implementation to communicate with the thread.
    2. use moveToThread to move the QWebPage object to the thread after has been created on main thread.

    This are those 2 solutions, however I'm facing some problem/questions:

    For solution #1 : if I'm creating all QWebPage objects in main thread and call them in the main thread what will be the purpose of using threads. wouldn't this be a single thread solution?
    For solution #2 : how can I move the QWebPage to a thread using moveToThread method if I don't know to what thread to move it(I'm using QThreadPool and I don't have(or at least at I don't know) how can I access a certain QThread that will handle a QRunnable currently in queue and waiting pe be executed?

    If you know other solutions, or how to implement those current solution I'll appreciate you're help.


  • You can't move QWebPage to other threads. It uses GUI elements and it must live in the main thread.

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