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QWizard and default property

  • Hi
    I have a class derived from QWizard.
    In the constructor for this class I have the following line


    In my wizard page I have the following

    registerField("toolSystemComboBox", ui->m_toolSystemComboBox);

    But when I retrieve the field value it is using the current index of the combox box and not the current text

    QString s = field("toolSystemComboBox").toString(); // makes s equal the position in the combo box

    can anyone suggest what I have missed?


  • setDefaultProperty("QComboBox","currentText","currentTextChanged");

  • Hi
    Thanks for the reply, however I am trying to set the default property for combo boxes to currentText

  • Hi
    Unfortunately this gives me the same result

  • This is weird. Could you show me the source code please? so I can test it and try to figure it out.

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