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Debugging qml plugin with QtCreator

  • I used to write C++ Qt programs for Windows and debug them with MS Visual Studio and never used QtCreator.
    But now I'd like to write qml plugin for open source software (written with Qt) and debug it with QtCreator in Windows 8.1.

    Is it possible to debug such plugin in QtCreator - set break points, review variables and so on?
    And can anybody recommend me the strat point to begin?

  • QtCreator supports debugging of QML but you need to activate this option from your project settings.

  • Thank you, Charby!
    Do you mean Debugger settings/Enable QML? I know about it and suppose it is about Qml application. Am I right?
    But I ask about “mixed” mode – I can’t understand how to debug qml module which we call from C++ program ( p->runQmlPlugin() )?