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Custom widget in QScrollArea

  • Hi,

    i create a widget in a QScrollArea that should fill the entire widget with red color, but when i scroll to the right, i see that it's not filled completely. The frame is drawn correctly. Here is my code:

    #include <QMainWindow>
    #include <QPainter>
    #include <QScrollArea>
    class MyWidget : public QWidget
    	virtual void paintEvent(QPaintEvent* e)
    		QPainter painter(this);
    		painter.fillRect(geometry(), Qt::red);
    class ScrollTest : public QMainWindow
    	ScrollTest(QWidget *parent = 0)	: QMainWindow(parent)
    		MyWidget* widget = new MyWidget;
    		widget->setGeometry(QRect(0,0, 250, 250));
    		widget->setStyleSheet("border: 3px solid blue;");
    		QScrollArea* area = new QScrollArea(this);
    		area->setGeometry(QRect(0,0, 200, 200));

    Here is a Screenshot: image

    What's wrong?

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  • Moderators

    did you try QScrollArea::setWidgetResizable(true)?

    But the question is what you want to achieve, because actually a scrollarea's purpose is to show scrollbars if needed.

    If setWidgetResizable() doesn't do what you want you need to subclass QScrollArea and reimplement it's resizeEvent() handler and resize the widget manually.

  • This is just a simple test dialog that shows my problem. The real widget is an image viewer/editor. I tried QLabel to draw the image, but this is very slow when you zoom in with large images. What i want to do is to zoom and scroll through the image.

    If i call setWidgetResizable(true) i don't see the scrollbars and only a portion of the widget.

  • The solution is:

    painter.fillRect(QRect(0,0, width(), height()), Qt::red);

    geometry() delivers negative x/y values.

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