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how qt creator defines build system

  • I'm using qt creator as IDE and debugger without Qt itself.
    The project is cmake-based.

    So I have a question about valid settings of the compiler/kit in QtC.

    Usually I don't use standard installation of VC (currently this can be installed without MSVC again, just a commandline build tools available from MS) . I'm just copying bin,include,lib folder from VC package and the same from WinSDK.
    VC works fine with a three environment variables only.

    however some odd issues with QtC in this case:

    1. If I use manually configured compiler/kit, QtC always use nmake for a build. Otherwise, in case of "auto-detected" compiler/kis, it uses jom.
      I know the difference between these ones, just want to understand - how QtC "decides" which utility will be used ?

    2. on some my hosts, QtC shows me empty generator list in case of manual compiler/kit configured as default. If I'll build all cmake stuff for a project, after that QtC works fine with configured cmake support files. ALso want to understand where and how QtC "looks" for available generators?

  • first question solved: by specifing desired tool in make path in manual configuration.
    I used nmake earlier

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