Add ...Box to UI

  • Hi All!
    I can't find in Qt Designer how to add ToolBox(and\or TabBox) to the UI. Can you help me at theat question? :-)

  • In containers panel you have: Toolbox, TabWidged, StackedWidget. Choose what you need.

  • ops.. sorry, i mean ToolBar, TabBar etc.

  • If you have main window, right click on form and choose addToolBar If you have dialog, then the toolbar will be made ​​manually in code. Also, what do you mean with TabBar ? If it's dock widget, in containers panel you'' fin Dock Widget

  • TabBar is not an available component in designer. You can create a TabWidget there however which contains one. To add a tool bar, you will need a QMainWindow. So create a new QMainWindow form, right click on it and select "add toolbar".

  • tnx all for comments.
    to "cincirin": at TabBar I mean class: QTabBar.

  • Ok, then, as @Jens wrote, you can use TabWidget which can be used in designer.

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