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How to reconnect network?

  • Qtwebkit is fine if network is fine. then network is bad, qtwebkit is doesn't work that's normal. but it still doesn't work if the network become fine.

    How I can reconnect network in webkit or in QNetworkAccessManager?

    Any idea or can give me some link about topic?

    Thank you a lot!

  • I have been resolved.

  • Moderators

    please share your solution so users with the same issue can also benefit from it.

  • @raven-worx

    I get some error info in WebPage::extension functional when continue operating under network doesn't work. I also get same info when network work. then I check the real network status in extension functional and use setNetworkAccessible(QNetworkAccessManager::NetworkAccessibility::Accessible) to set network accessibility, that's solved. I guess that will tell qt network is fine to reconnect network.

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