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QT 4.8.5 Compilation Error - 2 Issues

  • Hi,

    I am using GCC 5.1.0 to compile a project.

    Everything seems okay with compilation of the project until I hit the error undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume' I researched this and I understand that this happens when you have QT that is not compiled with the same version of GCC as you are compiling with.

    When I try to compile QT (or Build Debug Libraries) with GCC 5.1.0 I receive an error with qdatetime.cpp based around gmtime_r and localtime_r as you can see on pastebin below


    I am wondering what the best course of action is here. to continue with GCC 5.1.0 and fix this or to change GCC version which seems to cause more issues with other dependencies I have.

    Appreciate any help

  • Moderators

    what is your Qt version and target platform?