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JavaScript is removed in a server reply

  • Hi everyone,

    I have an ASP.NET web created by Visual Basic 2010. In one page I need to interact with a dropdown list doing a post back. This list works with a javascript function in the aspx code.

    When I launch with my own browser (QT5 Web View) in any PC and the server is a real PC it works. The problem is when the server is a Virtual Machine (VMWare) and I try to access it, server doesn't send all the aspx code, it removes some javascript parts (not all).

    However using any regular browser (Chrome, IE, etc.) this functionality works in both configurations (real and virtual).

    I think that something VM configuration is wrong. Or I need to install something in the server ( W7 virtual machine with IIS and WindowsServer2008 virtual machine with IIS, both works), but i don't know what. Java is installed and windows updated.

    Any idea?

    Thank u a lot!

  • Moderators

    same client and server setup, but different out put sounds very strange...
    I would suspect some misconfiguration on the VM webserver.
    But here are some thoughts:

    • Some servers also behave strange when no USER-AGENT header is sent with the request
    • Is the javascript embedded`/inlined or referenced externally as file in the yhead> section?
    • what do the IIS logs tell?