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Qt5 corrupted widgets on Windows 10

  • Hi all,

    I've been experiencing strange issues with Qt5 in Windows 10. Widgets randomly become blank and I have to restart my application.
    This also happens in Qt Designer sometimes. I think it may be some incompatibility between Nvidia drivers, Qt and Windows 10.

    Some screenshots of the problem:
    Qt errors

    Widgets become corrupted/blank when I hover my mouse over them. If I resize the window (or ALT+TAB, minimize, maximize...) everything becomes blank.
    The only "workaround" is to restart the application. Restarting the computer solves the issue for a while, but after some days it starts happening again. This also happens with Qt QWidgets examples (tested with "order form" and "settings editor").

    I found similar issues on Ubuntu:
    Ubuntu issue 1
    Ubuntu issue 2

    Has anyone encountered this problem?
    Regards and thanks in advance!

    My PC specs:
    Intel Core I5
    Nvidia GTX970
    Windows 10
    Qt 5.5.1 (MSVC 2013 32 bit)

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    Hi and Welcome
    If you create a new black GUI add and insert some widgets. can you make
    it do the same ?

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    It might not be Qt issue (although it may manifest in Qt apps more often).
    I seem to be having problems with some apps not refreshing after one of the NVidia driver updates. It also happens to Windows parts as well. For example the desktop does not refresh for me after coming back from lock screen until I move some windows around.
    Do you experience this problem with any non-Qt app as well?

  • @mrjj

    Thank you! I could not reproduce it today. I think I recently restarted my computer and this makes the problem go away for a while. I'll try again later.
    But it probably would do the same. This problem already happened with Qt Designer itself (the buttons on Designer started disappearing).

    I used to work with Qt5 and a notebook with an ATI HD5650m and did not have any issues.


    I have not experienced this problem with any non-Qt application.
    Currently I'm running NVidia drivers version 361.43 (last update on: 21/12/2015).


  • Hello, I have this fkn problem toooooo. All the programs which are written in QT have this problem and it made me crazy... It just have problem with nvidia graphic cards, when i change to intel it disappears. please help uuuuusssss!!!!!

    NVIDIA GTX980M with the latest driver.