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How to work with projector and camera?

  • How can I work with projector and cam? How to work with output/input?

  • Why do you need anything to work with projector? It should work via same outputs as monitor and it is not make any difference for your app to show itself on monitor or projector.

  • So it depends on OS, not on me, yes? But if I want to tell its (to the OS), that there is no monitor but projector? And what about cameras?

    Or I have a better question: how to connect a camera with Qt (software) ? I need drivers? What I have to do with cam?

  • What is the difference between monitor and projector?
    AFAIK there is something about camera in Qt Mobility, but not sure about desktop OS'

  • No I don't need anything to do with camera in mobile...

  • As I said I'm not sure about desktop cameras support in qt mobility, so just try it, maybe it will help you

  • There is no one who worked with cameras?

  • If you mean i.e. a webcam, then you can use openCV lib's. This is what we use.

  • No web cam! Classic video camera.

  • What you mean by:

    bq. Classic video camera.

    I don't know if I misunderstood your problem or not :}

    Digital video cameras have various interfaces. Usually they could be treated as normal storage devices when connected to PC. So you can work with files and folders in memory of your device. AFAIK there is nothing "Magic" with digital cameras, usb sticks and so on...

    If you mean interacting with device in way of using it, probably you should consider about using openCV and TWAIN. I'm not sure but I think most of manipulators don't allow users to connect their products programmaticaly. Obviously you can not use their special features like zoom, focus and etc with a normal program. Contact manipulator to obtain softwares and libraries (if any) to gain ability of interacting with device.

  • Yes, thanks. Mhm... You gave me an idea...

    For example: "Link to video cam":

    Okay, but I need to stream it in realtime.

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