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Qt enthousiasts map

  • Hi,
    In order to help us as Qt users to federate ourselves and to promote Qt locally, could it be valuable to add a map somewhere in the forum to show where are the Qt enthousiast around and worldwide ? If such a tool would exists, it would be interesting (I think) to show users together with their experience rank (user, enthousiast, promotor,ambassador,...champion) to help knowing who we are and where to get help.

    That would could also be helpful to know how Qt is well adopted for a given country - for instance, I have the feeling that my local (France) community is smaller compare to other country but I haven't found actual confirmation figures.

  • @Charby

    A map would be an interesting widget. The profile does have a 'location' field. It's just plain text, but could probably be changed to something more useful.

    This would just need someone who can implement it (I know we have our web people up to their necks in work all the way till summer). The platform here is NodeBB, written with NodeJS, and it has decent documentation, but would still require someone who knows NodeJS. I guess showing a map with pointers read from a database can't be too hard, but integrating with the forum might require some work and testing.

    As for the adoption/interest level per country, the top ten countries from where people came to the forums during the last month are:

    • United States
    • Germany
    • Russia
    • India
    • France
    • China
    • Poland
    • United Kingdom
    • South Korea
    • Italy

    So France is right there in the top ten, it's among the big countries for Qt.
    And no, I won't give out more data then that.

  • Moved this to lounge as that is a better location, I hope you don't mind.

  • @tekojo Thank you for your reply and for sharing this top 10.
    Sure I don't mind moving the post and I agree the lounge is the right place.
    I am afraid my knowledge on NodeJS are way too limited - but I would have been interested in designing such a widget in QML to have a try with the technology preview of Qt5.5 !

  • @Charby that would also be fun.
    The biggest technical problem I see is that the location field in the account is just plain text, so no way of knowing what is in it. A more defined field would be needed.

    I need some more hours in the day to investigate how much effort it would be.