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Qt creator doesn't launch in Linux Mint for QT 5.5.1

  • I used the offline installer to install QT 5.5.1 (32 bit) in Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2 (32 bit) in VirtualBox. Install was OK. Then QT creator doesn't launch. QT 5.5.0 works OK. Any ideas anyone?

  • @te777
    May be because of welcome plugin.
    From command line run qtcreator -noload Welcome.
    Then you can disable the Welcome plugin Help->Plugins...

  • I tried that with the launcher. Doesn't work. My Linux Mint installation has 2 desktops to choose from on login: Cinnamon and Xfce. Could the installation have gotten confused with these 2 choices? Qt creator for 5.5.1 doesn't launch in either desktop. But Qt creator for 5.5.0 works fine.

    Edit: from the command line it says qtcreator is not installed.

    Edit: I forgot the "./". From the command line it says could not initialize GLX.

  • @te777
    Back to the basics.
    From a terminal

    which qtcreator

    will tell you if it's in the path.

    ldd $(which qtcreator)|less

    will tell you if there are any missing dependencies.

  • ldd|less lists a lot of files: All of the files needed to run qtcreator basically.

  • With VirtualBox 3D acceleration for the display turned off for the virtual machine it works fine.

  • @te777
    Yes, that's normal with no missing dependencies, hence the |less.

    When you have missing dependencies you hav a not found notification instead of the path.

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