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Qt 5.5.1 application crash when monitor is shut down.

  • I am currently using QT 5.5.1 on Windows 8.1. I am on Qt5.5.1 (according the value of QT_VERSION_STR)

    I have 2 monitors side by side. If I drag my application from a monitor to the other, the application will crash when the application window is half way between the two screens. The exact same crash with the same call stack will occur if I shut down the monitor that is displaying the app window.

    I have searched about this issue and found out that this was a reported issue when Qt5.4 was released but the bug reports seem to indicate that 5.5.0 and beyond should fix the issue.

    This code review propose a fix... for for 5.4 and says that : "This fix is not needed in Qt 5.5 where the QPA architecture has changed."

    In the bug report I previously linked, the very last post by Błażej Szczygieł reads :
    I tested now my patches:
    Qt 5.5.1 without patches - QtCreator crashes or disappears (process runs in background),
    Qt 5.5.1 with patches - works OK

    By patches, do you think he means patches that are in 5.6 ?

    I will try to switch from 5.5.1 to 5.6 on my end, test and update this post afterwards.

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