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qmake SUBDIRS project dependencies are buggy with MSVC project generator

  • I hit this error every now and then in various projects. The error is that some dependencies are honored in a SUBDIRS project, and others are not.

    Here's my .pro file:

    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    SUBDIRS += qtutils text_encoding_detector file_commander_core autoupdater imageviewerplugin textviewerplugin qt_app cpputils
    cpputils.subdir = cpputils
    qtutils.subdir = qtutils
    qtutils.depends = cpputils
    autoupdater.file = github-releases-autoupdater/
    autoupdater.depends = cpputils
    file_commander_core.subdir = file-commander-core
    file_commander_core.depends = qtutils
    imageviewerplugin.subdir = plugins/viewer/imageviewer
    imageviewerplugin.depends = file_commander_core
    textviewerplugin.subdir = plugins/viewer/textviewer
    textviewerplugin.depends = file_commander_core text_encoding_detector
    text_encoding_detector.subdir = text-encoding-detector/text-encoding-detector
    text_encoding_detector.depends = cpputils
    qt_app.subdir  = qt-app
    qt_app.depends = file_commander_core qtutils imageviewerplugin textviewerplugin autoupdater

    Note the qt_app dependencies.
    And here's what dependencies it actually generates:

    Is there a workaround for this issue?

  • Bump for this quite annoying issue. Has no one had a similar problem? I'd expect to see quite a few Visual Studio users on this forum.

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