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how to group the lcov coverage results of all the individual Unit Tests?

  • Hello,
    For my project I'm writing unit tests for most of the classes. I'm using the QTestLib framework and I'm creating a distinct project for each class I want to test.

    Following I manage to generate the coverage results for each test cases.
    That's great but I'm wondering if there is a way to generate a global coverage for my project that would run all the different test cases.

    At the moment, I end up with many reports that only test a particular class. It would be great if I could get the overall report grouping the coverage of all the tests.
    Anyone knows how to do it? Is there a good tutorial to help achieve it?
    I don't have any knowledge of lcov, but I suppose this should be possible.

    Basically, after running my individual test case here is the structure of my results.

    ./mainProject (contains all the .h and .cpp, .pro)
    ./mainProject/tests/TestClass1 (test project for class1)
    ./mainProject/tests/TestClass2 (test project for class2)
    ./mainProject/tests/build-Test-Class1 (testClass1 executable, moc files, .o, gnco files and tlog)
    ./mainProject/tests/build-Test-Class2 (testClass2 executable, moc files, .o, gnco files and tlog)

    what I would like is generate a report using the coverage results of all my folders ./mainProject/tests/build-Test-Class*

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