Qt Visual Studio AddIn. Moving from VS2010 to VS 2012

  • Hello.
    I uninstalled VS 2010 and moved to VS 2012. Then I removed Qt AddIn for VS2010 and reinstalled it with new parameters for VS2012. The whole Qt was also deleted and reinstalled.
    However when I launcch Add-In searches for previous VS folder in Qt:
    Does anyone know how to delete those depricated settings? Where are those settings located?

  • Ok. So what I did was

    1. uninstall add-in 1.2.4
    2. manually remove everything related to add-in from registry. A lot of job, but after such a headache it's worth doing it.
    3. install add-in 1.2.3. (take notice: now it's 1.2.3, not 1.2.4!)

    Don't know why 1.2.4 didn't work.

  • Moderators

    There are "Add" and "Delete" buttons in the add-in options dialog for managing Qt versions. No need to manually mingle with the registry.
    Version 1.2.4 has a known problem with VS2012 so you do need to use 1.2.3 until a new one comes.

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