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QT5.5.1 WebEngine on Pi2 - Unable to build

  • I've been trying to compile QT5.5.1 on the Pi2 natively, which works surprisingly well since when I had to compile QT5.3.2. My only issue now is trying to compile QT5WebEngine, which doesn't seem to want to build at all. Normally I could found out what is going wrong with any errors being reported, but I have yet to see any. All I get is:

    Nothing to be done for `first'.

    My configure line is as follows:

    ./configure -reduce-exports -optimized-qmake -release  -opensource -confirm-license -nomake examples -nomake tests -qt-pcre -make libs  -skip webkit -shared -prefix /usr/local/qt5 |& tee configure_output

    I'll have the output results in a little bit. Whenever I try to compile qtwebengine directly, all I get is the first reported error (Nothing to be done for 'first').

    make module-qtwebengine -j4

    The project I am involved with requires Web Engine and has worked in the past with Web Kit. Is there something I am missing?

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    AFAIK, currently the build of QtWebEngine on ARM is only supported for Boot2Qt, you will have to fiddle with the build script to enable the build on your Pi2.

  • Welp, I'm VERY close at this point thanks to some helpful information on the ODROID forums (I am building using a Pi2 and an ODROID C1). At this point, I'm stumbling on Chromium, which the current set up seems to be setting it for a Linux desktop build running The problem is that this causes the following error:

    gyp name 'target_arch' is not defined while evaluating condition 'use_qt==1 and target_arch=="ia32"' in /home/flame/builds/qt5/qtwebengine/src/3rdparty/chromium/base/base.gyp

    I'm still trying to solve the KHR issue on the Pi (despite already updating the header), but for now, the chromium situation is what has me in a gridlock. I can override the desktop build and instead recommend a cross compile in reference to itself, but I'm unsure as to how well this will go.

    I am making documentation of what is going on so far so that I can relay an easier to follow guide for people who also are trying ot compile natively for the Pi.