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  • I am looking to develop OpenGL under QT for a class. I have coded old-style OpenGL commands, not the new shaders. While I am interested in starting with shaders, I would like to keep it simple. It might be best to just do old-style opengl because there is less to introduce with a class.

    In any case, the problem is that the demos I found on QT are wildly complicated, with javascript controlling the OpenGL. At the very least I want a C++ object that does the rendering. Is there such a demo?

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    Hi and welcome
    The old-style is almost dead
    and most samples uses modern style.

    I also wanted to use old style as it easier but it turns out to be more pain than worth it
    as soon u will run into modern style.

    So better to get starting with modern.
    like here

    and the
    OpenGL Window Example
    is not overly complicated

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