TFTP with QT(Server Receiver File)

  • Hi everybody. can anyone help me for develop the TFTP server in Qt ?

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    You could look at
    this person talks about it here
    with source here

  • Thank you my dear. but i m looking for Tftp implementation , not Ftp. can u help about that ? thank you again

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    Sorry, nope , the one here
    was lost in space.

    There is this one
    but i never tried it

  • yeah , i saw that. but Unfortunately i cant work with it. i just want to run a example on it. but i cant understand it how to run :((

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    Well its a library so there is nothing to run as such
    (no GUI)

    You would build the library (with make) and
    then use the resulting .a file in your own project.

    Its very linux orientated so to use on Windows might
    require some work.

    Also, you must read c++ very well as it seems to have no so much Docs.

  • @mrjj
    thank you for reply , i know it has no gui. but im not very well in qt.
    i want to work with it in Linux , so can u help me about that and told me step by step to use this library for example. thank you and sorry for my ask :) :)

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    Overall it would be like:
    1: download
    2: unpack to folder. lets call this libtftp
    3: cd libtftp
    4: make
    this should build libtftp.a or libtftp.SO
    5: make new default GUI project in Creator
    6: dbclick the .pro file ( the project file)
    7: right click in middle of the pro file view
    8: choose Add library
    9: in dialog that opens, choose external lib -> next
    10: check its linux platform. Check its "static "
    11: browse to .a file ( in libtftp folder)
    12: browse to the .h file ( in libtftp folder)
    now you are ready to use the lib.

    never used it so no idea how to start the server, but i bet a cookie it
    involves newing a Server object.

    sorry I cant be more specific as I have no linux here :)

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    I looked at the code.
    its Qt3 so u will have issues with Qt5
    It uses qsocketdevice and one must understand code ok well to replace it
    so maybe it too much work to get to work ?

    Also, instead of building a lib, you can just include the server.cpp and .h and some other files directly in your project. that will work too.
    To see how hard it is to get to compile with Qt5.

  • there is some error to ./configure and make ....

    so maybe its better to use server.cpp and .h

    thank u my friend , u are the best :)

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