How do I scale .svg within html tags in QML

  • I have a html line which looks like this:
    return "<img align='right' width='" + 100 * myAppInfo.ratio + "' height='" + 100 * myAppInfo.ratio + "' src='qrc:/pics/svg/" + myAppInfo.icon + "'/>"

    The result of this is that my svg picture look bad(like a bad .jpg or even worse). The problem is 100% in rescaling because I tried to remove height and width attributes - looks fine, but I need to rescale it to make it bigger. There's also possible to just edit source of my .svg, but I need scaleness to depend on myAppInfo.ration (I use it on different screens including desktop/mobile). So, the only approach is to fix it within this html line. Can you help me?

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