Correct way of updating Qt installed with off-line installer (Windows)

  • I have Windows10 PC where I've installed Qt 5.4.0. I installed Qt using the off-line installer, and pretty much installed everything. Now I would like to update my install - at least to check for bug-fixing and patches, but preferably to upgrade to Qt 5.5.1.

    However since I used the off-line installer, my installation seems to lack the "Select packages to install or upgrade"-tool - I at least haven't found it. An answer to a similar question suggested starting QtCreator, and the updater should be located in the Help-menu... but it's not there.

    So is the Update-tool hidden away somewhere else - where? Can I download the Update-tool from somewhere and run it? Would it be safe to just run the online installer for the new version, and ignoring the warning about using a non-empty directory? Would the installer detect the previous version, and allow me to select just the packages I needed to update? Or is there some other correct way of doing this?

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